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The troubled star, who police confirmed today had a long history of substance-abuse, was found dead at his apartment and his mother is said to have been there at the time.The cause of death is not yet known but LAPD have told it was possibly a drug overdose.The latest sad report is that Haim’s belongings are for sale on e Bay to raise money for his burial.But this isn’t the first time Haim’s personal effects have been on e Bay.Below is information other people have submitted about Corey Haim and Corey Feildman...All information on this page are the views and opinions of the submitter and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bored At I watched their movies ever since they were about 10 years old in them, but my favorite movie of all time is "The Lost Boys"!Haim, who was then better known than Victoria, apparently wasn’t really into the now world-famous Posh Spice though.

Why wasn't she honored at the Academy Awards when others who have died were mentioned? They co-starred in several movies, including "The Lost Boys" and "Licensed to Drive." They also teamed up in the A&E reality series, "The Two Coreys" and that occasioned the fact when they were both on this show together in July of 2007. Dear, Corey Haim I am truly a BIG fan of you and your movies. I was deeply upset when I heard about what happen to Haim, especially because of him living with his mother. As Feldman said to press, he died of a drug overdose, died in front of his own mother, no one to talk to.My most favorite movie of yours was lucas because, it really touched my heart when you did that movie MOST IMPORTANTLY I LIKE ALL YOUR MOVIES IN THE 80'S. That had to hurt her even more than ever, and I hope that she is doing just fine, it has to to be so hard for a mother to lose a baby, no matter how old the are. Feldman and Haim got into a fight shortly before Haim killed himself.You've got to walk through the raindrops, and that's totally what I am trying to do.Return to Transcripts main page CNN LARRY KING LIVE Corey Haim Remembered Aired March 10, 2010 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT.

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