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Usually there is little compromise, forced inequality, and your individuality is taken from you.

Abusers often use excuses such as, "If you love me you would..." or "You have to make sacrifices for a relationship," or "It would really make me happy if you wouldnt..." Using these phrases doesn't come across as demanding; and therefore can be hard to distinguish as what they really are: a way to take advantage of someone.

Plus, she added, girls who look older than their peers can be more attractive to boys, including older boys.

When kids look older than they are, some people may expect them to "act older" than they are, explained Dr. She is an adolescent medicine specialist at Children's Hospital at Montefiore, in New York City.

Domestic abuse includes physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse and a study of over 1,000 young women by SHEMazing suggests that dating abuse affects one in three Irish women, with 60% thinking it was their fault.

Having just completed a two-part series exclusively for RTÉ Player, UPFRONT: Domestic Abuse, RTÉ's Della Kilroy went behind the statistics, examining the harsh reality for young domestic abuse survivors across Ireland.

Jaffee said she was interested in studying the connection between early puberty and dating abuse based on past research.

Early maturity in girls has been tied to heightened risks of low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and she noted."All of those things could potentially be risk factors for dating abuse," Jaffee said.

So where is the line of what is abusive and what isnt? If your partner is asking you to do something against your will, or to change who you are, then this could be a sign of an abusive relationship. In the beginning of many unhealthy relationships, the abuser comes on very strong and loving to their partner, they show all the attention and acceptance that their partner desires.may be more vulnerable to abuse from a boyfriend, new research suggests.These girls were more likely to say a boyfriend had verbally or physically abused them: 32 percent did, versus 28 percent of their peers who went through puberty "on time."It's a small difference, said senior researcher Sara Jaffee, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.Violence and abuse can cause terrible physical and emotional pain. Emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and domestic violence are on the rise, especially among young people.

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