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I have 2 smooth billards,a Marquis #117 & a Roissy #88 Made in St Claude France. late 40's early 50's superb briars,with super, natural grains.

Anyone lucky enough to snag a vintage GBD, will have many wonderfull years of smoking pleasure,from a 50 year old briar."There's a story behind every bowl"I was gifted two GBD's last week and I finished restoring them this weekend.

The Vintage GBS"s are still obtainable if you seek them out, But only after doing some research.

The best part about buying vintage estate pipes is that they are already broken in,so once they are sanitized, they are ready to go full throttle.

It seems that the older ones are regarded as good smokers, and Im wondering if anyone has any experiance good or bad with the new pipes by this maker. Thanks Im fond GBDs in general, especially the Prehistorics.

They're quite common on ebay so shouldn't be to hard to get ahold of one. One of my favorites is a Collector (the second largest category) matte Lumberjack (shape 263) that I reserve for Lat and Orientals.

He'd send out a mailer every couple of months with lots of pictures of beautiful pipes.

In one issue, I saw an amazing old straight, tapered bulldog, made by GBD.

What's ironic though is that you can say this of virtually any of the British upscale marques of the 1950-75 era -- GBD, Comoy, Sasieni, Dunhill, Charatan, Loewe & BBB alike.

This is the kind of information I am always on the lookout for because of the historical connection it gives to the pipes I smoke, collect and refurbish. I formatted it to fit in a Word document, added some photos of old advertisements and done minor editing in terms of punctuation.

– Editor A number of pipe brands owe their introduction and continuation to craftsmen who gave the family name to their product and were followed for several generations by their descendants. The founders did give their names, but the ‘family’ was a partnership of men of similar skills and equal purpose of mind.

I'd seen lots of bulldogs, but this was exceptional.

You can see that pipe in the photo below, on the left, just above the bent bulldog.

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