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Be ready for whatever his junk decides to do by sitting on his lap and leaning back, so your head is hanging down toward the ground.He rubs your clit with his fingers and teases you with his penis — regardless of hardness. Take advantage of morning wood and his higher levels of testosterone with morning sex.To get them used to drive in a car is as natural as taking a walk together at the beach or in the town in small groups. They are treaten against worms from the second week on every 14 days. With 6 or 7 weeks the complete litter is BAER tested.

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If his penis happens to gets into it, he can start jerking himself off too, or pull you up on his lap for seated cowgirl-style sex. Stick to basics—the more you switch positions, the higher chances of failure getting it back in.

A side position is great— it shields morning breath, plus he can hold onto his dick for a tighter feel, giving himself extra strokes as needed.

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The puppies are raised in our house, when they start to be more active (with about 3 weeks), they move into our big "kennel" with 200 square meters of outside area.

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