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In the 14th century, when the Black Death swept across Europe millions died.The effect of the fatal disease is visible in ice that formed during that time, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the Harvard University and the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. The Olympic Regional Development Authority is replacing it next month with a state-of-the-art video board. -- The scoreboard from the "Miracle on Ice" game at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics is about to come down.See also: Killer London Fog Of 1952 – Worst Air Pollution Event In European History What Caused The Sudden Climate Change 12,900 Years Ago? Black Death did not only kill people, it also brought lead smelting, among many other commercial activities, to a halt.Ice core lead taken from a glacier in the Swiss-Italian Alps with highly detailed historical records reveal that lead mining and smelting plummeted to nearly zero during the plague years of 1349 to 1353.It hasn't been decided what will happen to the remaining two panels. Olympic team beat the Soviets 4-3 in the medal round under that scoreboard on Feb.

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- Ozone - Other Trace Gases - Adjustment Time - Summary Greenhouse Forcing - Forcing Factors - GWPs - ΔF-ΔC Relationships - 1765 to 1990 - Ozone Aerosols - Aerosols - Radiative Forcing - Direct - Indirect - Total Forcing Climate Variations - Surface Temperature - Precipitation - Other Variations -

Dating ice cores One of the biggest problems in any ice core study is determining the age-depth relationship.

Certain components of ice cores may reveal quite distinct seasonal variations which enable annual layers to be identified, providing accurate time scales for the last few thousand years.

Such seasonal variations may be found in O values, trace elements and microparticles (Hammer et al., 1978).

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The existing scoreboard will be illuminated for the final time on Feb. State officials decided last year that it was time for an upgrade.

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