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There are tons of new anime each season and the most recent ones have brought us quite a few hilarious Romance anime.

So, we’re bringing to you an updated Top 10 list of what we consider are must-watch Rom-Com anime!

Oh and they are ranked by how different they are from the usual Rom-Com stories. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except this school was just recently an all-boys school, so she must keep the male student body under control.

She is so strict, they call her the “Demon President”.

This time, we are also adding anime which have a different twist on relationships, personalities and generally don’t follow the typical Rom-Com mold you’d see in Hollywood movies or in most anime of the genre. Handsome clumsy guy meets gorgeous shy girl, they’re super awkward and then they’re happy… From unusual pairings and supernatural creatures to high school love and love at the office, here’s is our updated list of Top 10 Rom-Com Anime!Vincent, Michel's contrast, is completely different. She is canny and cynical but on the verge of an emotional breakdown. See full summary » Since Charlie is no longer there, the lives of Boris, Elie, and Maxime have been torn apart.These three men, who have nothing in common, all shared one thing: their love for Charlie. See full summary » Adeline's Chinese housekeeper suddenly disappears, leaving behind a little boy who doesn't speak a word of French.If I were to watch a Romantic Comedy, it would definitely be in anime form.I can safely say I’ve watched more anime Rom-Coms than films of that genre. You laugh, you cry, you cringe and sigh, but with tsundere and more high school life.

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