Updating the rpm database updating to 3 0 bootcamp in windows

has five modes: installing, uninstalling (or updating) software packages, rebuilding the RPM database, querying RPM bases or individual RPM archives, integrity checking of packages and signing packages.

can be used to build installable packages from pristine sources.

AIX-rpm is actually a "virtual" package which reflects what has been installed on the system by installp.

It is created by the /usr/sbin/updtvpkg script when the is installed.

For Suppose, I have installed a package having files file1, file2 and file3. But "rpm -qf file3" is giving the package name, even file3 was not there.For example, do not just update the server without also upgrading the client, the common files for server and client libraries, and so on.Migration and Upgrade from installations by older RPM packages.And also "rpm -ql package" is also displaying all 3 files.How can i update rpm database about the package to display only available files i.e. I want a shell script to update rpm database so that I can get only file1 and file2 when queried with "rpm -ql".

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file format, files in the file format, software packaged in such files, and the package manager program itself.

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