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It was dirty, crime-filled, lacked clean water, food and every other basic necessity.When Charlie Van Dyke arrived for his first day on August 31, 1998, 20 "K-Earth" staff members from sales, engineering and programming were sporting a Van Dyke beard, including gm Pat Duffy and pd Mike Phillips. said it “highlights the complications involved when the ratings rely on humans.” Then in December, the Media Research Council withholds accreditation of the December ratings due to “connectivity disruption” of PPM units reporting.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio (NWR) provides an excellent source of up-to-date, real time emergency information.

Arguably, social media became the favored outlet to share opinions and insults more than talk radio, and the latter didn’t seem to gain substantial listenership. : While Cumulus management continues to try to address a .4 billion debt and a stock price hovering around a dollar, their local properties continue to address their own challenges.

KABC is still found toward the bottom of the local ratings, even with live-and-local talent including some recognizable names.

Match Link is an online dating solution provided by Advanced Telecom Services for newspapers and radio stations.

Online dating is a valuable source of non-traditonal revenue for newspapers and radio stations and a great way to make your medium more relevant to younger consumers.

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Click here to Print Dates of Operation No Contracts on December 25, 2016, January 1, 2017 & April 16, 2017 No Contracts on November 24, 2016 No Contracts on December 24, 2016 & December 31, 2016 **In the event that H.

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